Top 20-25 Seater Bus For Rent In Dubai

If you need to rent a 20-25 seater bus or coach in Dubai or Sharjah, UAE with a seating capacity of 25 passengers, you’ve found the perfect place. We have exactly what you’re searching for. Here at Bus Rental In Dubai we proudly offer luxury and budget-friendly 20-25-seater bus rentals in Dubai, UAE.

The Toyota Hiace is a remarkable 16-seater commercial van renowned for its outstanding durability and reliability. It is a versatile vehicle that serves multiple purposes, making it an ideal choice for large families or tourism ventures if you’re in need of a Toyota Hiace for rent in Dubai.

Our fleet includes the highly reliable and comfortable Toyota Coaster, designed specifically for mid-sized groups. With its spacious interior and seating capacity of 25 passengers, it is an ideal choice for various occasions, whether you’re planning a company outing or exploring the city with a group of friends.

The Toyota 20-25 seater bus offers a comfortable 2/1 seating arrangement, ensuring that each passenger enjoys a pleasant and relaxing journey. Our focus is on providing a comfortable seating facility for our valued customers, making sure they have a memorable experience throughout their trip.

Whether you opt for our luxury or budget option, we guarantee that our 20-25 seater bus rentals will meet your expectations and provide you with a reliable and enjoyable transportation solution. Take a seat, relax, and let our experienced drivers handle all your travel requirements while you and your group enjoy a remarkable journey across Dubai or Sharjah.

25 Seater Bus For Rent In Dubai

20-25 Seater Bus Rental

At Bus Rental In Dubai we provide a variety of bus brands to cater to your needs. Our fleet includes popular models such as the Toyota Coaster, Mitsubishi Rosa, and Nissan Civilian. These buses are well known for their reliability and comfort, ensuring a pleasant journey for you and your passengers.

Versatile Usage Options

Our buses are versatile and can be used for various purposes, making them suitable for a wide range of activities and events. Here are some common uses for our rental buses.

  1. Tourism

Explore the beautiful sights and attractions of Dubai and Sharjah with our comfortable and convenient buses.

  1. Staff Transport

Ensure smooth and efficient transportation for your staff members with our reliable buses.

  1. Hotel Transfer

Make your hotel transfers hassle-free and comfortable for your guests with our spacious buses.

  1. Sight-Seeing

Enjoy guided sightseeing tours with our experienced drivers, who will take you to the must-see landmarks and destinations.

  1. Airport Transfer

Start your trip on the right note with our reliable airport transfer service, ensuring a seamless journey to and from the airport.

  1. School Transport

Safely transport students to and from school with our buses equipped with all necessary safety features.

  1. Events and Party Bus

Add a touch of luxury and convenience to your events or parties with our spacious buses that can accommodate your guests comfortably.

Specifications and Rental Details

Max Hours per day

There is flexibility for a maximum of 10 hours of usage per day to accommodate your travel plans and schedules.


Our buses are sourced from Japan, known for their high-quality and reliable vehicles.

No. of Doors

Our buses are equipped with three doors to ensure easy access and convenience for passengers.


When it comes to renting buses in Dubai and Sharjah,Bus Rental In Dubai is your top choice. We have a wide variety of buses, great prices, and complete services. Whether you need a bus for a company event, school outing, or sightseeing tour, we have the perfect one for you. We make sure our prices are competitive, so you get the best deal. Our friendly drivers and helpful staff will make your journey smooth and enjoyable.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now to book your preferred bus and have a great time withBus Rental In Dubai We are committed to making your journey a memorable one with our reliable buses, affordable prices, and exceptional service.